Friendly Guide to Booking a Music Tour for Your Band

Booking a music tour for a band is never easy. Even with an organizing team behind your back, it can really be exhausting for your part. But don’t worry, here are some friendly guidelines on how you’ll be able to have the best music tour, especially for the first timers.

Choosing a Tour Date Range

We strongly recommend that you should plan at least four to six months before the target starting date of your band’s music tour. Booking a tour will need your undivided attention and months of communicating, follow-up tasks and filling in gaps. There are venues that book at minimum 6 months in advance, while there are others that can hold reservations at a maximum of one month. Your team will also need a lot of time to advertise, advocate and get in touch with the local press.

Deciding Your Tour Route

Where does your band want to go? What places do you want to perform? What roads do you want to take? Chances are, you’ll have to make some changes along the way. Some destinations are easier to book than others. Choose how much you want to drive each day, and if your band wants to have a day off. Bigger cities tend to have a wider variety of venues your group can choose from, but usually require “a pay to play” option or you won’t perform at all. Meanwhile, smaller towns outside of the populated cities are commonly easier to book events and shows. And if you’re going on a road trip, it’s better to drive on major highways.

Start Calling Venues

You can easily google venues. If you want to spend money on this aspect, you can buy information from Billboard Music, The Indie Venue Bible and a lot more. Most advertisers prefer communicating through email, some prefer direct phone calls. Make sure that you pass their venue preferences. Most venues don’t care about how good you play, instead they only give a damn about how many people you can get to go the performances. Therefore, these venues should be accessible to the most dense fan groups.

Follow Up Venues

Organizers of the venues usually juggle tasks, dates and other events, especially if you’re booking long way before your actual tour. Therefore, make sure to confirm your reservation by also checking if your band is on the website. You should also check if you have to check on local media contacts. And before you leave for the tour, make sure that your venue is already reserved for your music band.

Prepare back-up plans

Although you’ve planned everything meticulously from the start to the bottom, you won’t be able to avoid the things that might happen during the tour, especially gaps. You can contact towns nearby or check Craiglist if someone is looking for a band to perform in a bar, on a party or a corporate event. You can also call local radio stations, record store, book stores, malls and etc. where your band can probably land a show. If you have a fan or a friend in the area, ask them if they can host a house party.

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