5 Interesting Habits of Musicians

Like other artists, musicians have common habits that are unique to them. These habits are usually to improve their music career, talent or just habits that are weirdly common to them. Here are the most interesting habits musicians do.

Musicians make wrong decisions

It’s so easy to get addicted filling out the calendar, booking every box, but ending up overplaying instead of being strategic about their gigs. As well on social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, musicians tend to concern themselves more with the number of followers they have, instead of establishing engagement with your fans.

Usually, musicians receive more e-mails for easier methods to acquire a sponsorship or booking a gig than anything else. But, the easiest way to get into the music industry is doing the hard work of establishing a local fan base and making a distinct genre. That’s the only way musicians can make a career.

There’s no harm in learning from other’s examples, but musicians tend to copy other acts, instead of making something really unique for themselves. Either they copy the act itself, the way the original singer sang the song, the lyrics of the song and a lot more.

A lot of acts might practice their songs, but they don’t practice their performance. They usually just memorize the songs over their head, and the notes to be played. Sometimes, they don’t practice at all before the show.

Musicians record themselves a lot

We’re not talking about recording different songs/acts, but instead musicians tend to record one song/act several times. Almost all musicians are perfectionist. One wrong note and it already creates a cringe in their face, resulting to record it again until they’re satisfied.

If you are acquainted or related to a musician, you’ll also notice how often they practice every day.

Musicians usually express their creativity in weird ways

Have you ever wondered why musicians are the only ones with weird spiky hairstyles, leather costume or colorful wigs during Christmas parties? Musicians are artists, and they are fond of expressing themselves creatively in every aspect, from clothes, music, things, pets, the way they talk and etc. Hairstyles and fashion are just some of the few things.

Musicians are bad at being on time in events, but they do these weird rituals

The fact that musicians are usually expert at counting notes being at the same time with the music, it’s ironic that they tend to have a bad habit of being not on time on social gatherings or events. It’s a bad habit that is very common among musicians, even the most famous and successful ones. But they play great music, so we’re just going to let it go for now.

Remember that weird preparation the Evans siblings do before a performance on the High School Musical movie series? Some musicians do pre-show rituals like that, and there are some who do weirder things. It’s a great way for them to calm some nerves before a performance.